Yes, I do have lots of hyphenates. Before we get into all that, a brief bio of introduction:
Since performing in children’s musical theater at the age of 10, I have known my calling. After graduating from college in Boston, I drove cross country in a cramped Honda Civic to Los Angeles and I never looked back.
Once on the West Coast, I shifted my focus to the screen and scene study. Besides several national and international commercials, I have worked on many independent films that run the full range of comedy, drama, horror and avant-guarde.
While working on my most recent film, “What Lies Between Us”, I also wrote and performed two music video parodies that are still getting worldwide attention. Check out my links!
I am currently starting pre-production on my next short film and am writing a fictitious memoir.

There will be MANY updates this year…so keep up with me by checking out my “Blog” on this page.

Thanks for stopping by.



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